I began my career in the travel industry 36 years ago, with my first position as a Ground Hostess for Freddie Laker’s SKYTRAIN service from Gatwick to New York in 1977.

I was even on the nine o’clock news in my pillar box red uniform, along with fetching hat, as I was on shift the first time the tickets went on sale. It took me a few years, and jobs after that to find my way back into travel in the late eighties.

By then I had realised this was the industry for me. I have since gone onto become an award winning travel agent with awards such as Cruise Agent of the Year and the Homeworker Achievement award under my belt.

I absolutely love this industry and looking back at my career it brings me many fond memories of my time in travel.

My clientele, many of whom have been booking with me since the early nineties, never cease to amaze me; they have gone to great lengths to track me down when I move companies; they happily and unreservedly network my services and are supportive of my fundraising activities (helping me to raise double what I aimed to achieve for Reuben’s Retreat) – to name but a few of their wonderful attributes.

Loyalty is something that I never take for granted and it’s extremely humbling to be on the receiving end of it.

Fascinating milestones

  • 30+ years in the travel industry
  • 200 days (approx) is how many days I have been on board a cruise ship
  • 180 days (approx) at different ports of call
  • 40 ships I have either visited, cruised on, or both
  • 2006 was the year I started running my own business – the best decision ever
  • 2007 was the year I achieved two great recognition awards – Cruise Agent of the Year and the Homeworker Achievement Award
  • 2017 was when I moved my business under a different umbrella which had a better ‘fit’ for me to more effectively fulfil my valued clients’ requirements
  • 2013 is the year that I raised over £2500 for Reuben’s Retreat charity – many thanks to my clients


The amazing thing about my international network of clients is that even though I have only met a few of them, we have built up strong relationships that are the building blocks of my business. If you value exemplary customer service, attention to detail and a personal service, then I’m the agent for you. I’d just like to end with a saying that really resonates with me and sums up the relationships I have with my clientele. “People naturally like to help those that help them”. It’s all about treating others as you would like to be treated yourself – with kindness, understanding, respect and professionalism. You are assured to receive this when booking through me.